Pro-Biotics Plus® Stick Pack


Incredible 40 Billion per stick pack

  • Pro-Biotics Plus® Stick packs an advanced, high quality probiotic
  • New stick packs offer 40 Billion CFU’s in just one sleeve 
  • Eat one stick pack a day or save 1/2 for tomorrow
  • Normal Candida yeast probiotic balance
  • Supports Natural Immune Defenses
  • Supports your microbiome
  • Supports Good Regularity and Bowel Function
  • Soothes effects of occasional heartburn
  • Travels better.  To go packs 30 in a box
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Pro-Biotics Plus® Stick Packs in convenient box of 30 Stick Packs.

With 12 strains of friendly bacteria this highly active formula has years of technology behind it.

Pro-Biotics Plus® 12 stick packs contains:

  • 12 different strains of live friendly bacteria (Probiotics)
  • FOS (prebiotic nutrient)
  • Now improved with 40 Billion CFUs per stick (30 sticks in one box)
  • Full days supply of pateneted Chelated Zinc in every sleeve
  • From the Author of “The Wonder of Probiotics”
  • Natural Fruit flavor with 40 billion CFU’s per stick pack!

The stick packs are easier to take powder form. Travels better.  To go packs are easy to take with you when you are on the go.

Put it in your favorite smoothie, juice, water, yogurt or just open and eat right from the package.

You and your kids will love this new way of getting their daily probiotics.  

Our 12 probiotic strains in Pro-Biotics Plus® To Go Stick Packs  with Prebiotics and  Zinc to help support digestion, maintain a healthy gut and GI tract for digestive balance daily.

Pro-Biotics Plus® To Go Stick Packs  contains the highest quality, live stable  probiotics formulated to target your body’s unique needs; the perfect way to support an optimal digestive balance.

Pro-Biotics Plus®  To Go stick Pack is formulated to survive the harsh conditions in the GI Tract to support the colonization of flora in the gut with no refrigeration needed.

Pro-Biotics Plus® 12 can help in restoring the balance of intestinal micro flora that is so important to a healthy immune system and overall good health.

Without good bacteria, our bodies are unable to digest food properly and our intestines become overrun with toxins and waste, which restrict the absorption of nutrients. Unfortunately every time we drink chlorinated water, coffee and alcohol, eat fatty foods, get stressed or become overly tired, we unknowingly kill the good bacteria in our bodies. Even the foods we eat to keep healthy, like meat and milk contain antibiotics, further reduce the levels of good bacteria. For most Americans this means that everyday we negatively impact our bodies’ ability to stay healthy.

Pro-Biotics are linked to long life… For centuries natives of the Balkan islands have enjoyed extraordinary long and healthy lives. It was eventually determined that their good fortune was, in part, due to the fact that they ingest large quantities of lactobacilli (good bacteria).

Pro-Biotics Plus ® is a collective effort to maximize our natural immune defenses!

Live Enzyme Activated Delivery System ® (L.E.A.D.S. ®) insures assimilation at a cellular level. This particular combination of enzyme and mineral cofactors helps to activate each individual ingrediant for maximum particle digestion and complete nutrient distribution throughout the body. It increases the formula’s bioavailability.

Nature Always Provides A Solution! 

Pro-Biotics Plus® combines some of nature’s most effective immune strengtheners into one easy to consume powder.

It rivals other products by combining the strongest immune enhancing properties found in nature into one complete formula that is further enhanced by our unique cellular absorption system for maximum protection.

With this combination of vitamins, minerals, probiotics and other healthy nutrients you can super charge your immune system while improving intestinal health. 

Pro-Biotics Plus® Stick Packs are safe and contain only the highest quality ingredients with the strictest manufacturing standards to ensure purity and efficacy. It is safe, all natural. This is a formula you can trust. You’ll begin to strengthen your immune system immediately.

Our tabs do not contain any, chemicals, gluten, eggs, preservatives, corn, artificial coloring or flavoring. All Natural Ingredients are guaranteed Non-GMO. Our facility that manufactures all of our formulas is certified and is in full compliance with GMP Requirements for Dietary Supplements.  We also utilize a third party testing lab that insures that all our quality ingredients are tested and retested for purity and quality. All NWC Naturals® products are Made and bottled in a USA facility.

* The statements made within this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These statements and the products of this company are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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